Portfolio companies

Portfolio companies



Emblacom AB provides communication solutions that help companies integrate mobile telephony with existing fixed telephony or completely replace fixed telephone systems with mobile solutions.

The company’s products increase the operators’ ARPU (average revenue per user) while helping the end customer to reduce their investments in infrastructure and increase its efficiency, customer service, and control over total telephony costs.

Emblacom sells its products and solutions to operators in the telecom industry. The company has customers in five of the ten largest operator groups, including Vodafone, Telia Sonera, Orange, Telenor, and America Movil.


Maskinflisning i Laxå AB is the leading player in the decomposition of wood fuel. The company has a mobile machine park that performs chipping, crushing, and splitting at the customer’s site.

Some of the materials that Maskinflisning i Laxå AB works with are roundwood, bark, groats, and logs. Machine chipping customers include biofuel suppliers, heating plants, municipalities, energy companies, and sawmills.



DRT Solutions AB operates within call-controlled traffic with a modern, rational and safe approach. DRT Solutions provides modern solutions to public transportations, transportation services, healthcare journeys and school transportations.

DRT Solutions software is supposed to solute the daily challenges and delivery requirements that the public traffic services face. 



Boost offers a completely new and unique way of working out. After doing an individual test, your workout is tailored to reach your individual goals. This is for everyone who wants a healthier lifestyle with measurable results!

The intelligent and adaptable training equipment prevents injuries as well as overuse. At the same time, it provides motivating and effective training – 17 minutes of training is enough.


CL Fitness has developed and delivered profitable training solutions since 1985. We work with clubs, associations, private companies, public institutions, hotel gyms and spa facilities.

CL Fitness has the most extensive product range on the market and offers unique service-based solutions that adapt to each individual’s needs. With competence, experience, and knowledge, the company provides its customer with the best conditions for a functioning and profitable investment.


Järven Ecotech designs and completes facilities for the collection and purification of stormwater, leachate, process water, and wastewater. Järven Ecotech also offers sediment emptying of dams and drainage of sediment.

The company’s environmental work is much appreciated. Järven Ecotech is constantly working to find materials and products that provide the best possible water purification with the smallest environmental impact. Järven Ecotech’s range includes our patented floating wall system and screen pools.


Tecomatic Entreprenad specializes in products that protects and cleans marine environments from harmful sediments. The company is the main provider within their segment and has actively been working towards a better environment for 30+ years. 

We’re thrilled to add Tecomatic Entreprenad to our impact investment portfolio as part of our growth strategy. Our goal is to nationally grow our cleantech portfolio that protects and cleans the marina with cost-effective solutions as part of our impact investment focus.


Bioteria is a world leader in biotechnological solutions for fat problems and efficient waste management. They have spent the last 20 years developing environmentally friendly solutions to the fat problem that causes social and environmental problems.

Bioteria Technologies develops and markets both products and services in grease separation, waste management and catering ventilation. Bioteria is now part of the PEQ III portfolio, which has a strong focus on sustainability, which we are very proud to be apart of.



InQuire offers logistics services designed for more cost-effective, sustainable, and flexible logistics and delivery solutions. The company provides a combination of methodologies, underlying processes, and software for strategic, tactical, and operational planning.

For InQuire, high complexity is not a drawback. On the contrary, the more parameters available to work with during logistics planning and management, the better. InQuire does not rely on any third-party logistics providers (3PL) in its planning processes. Instead they leverage detailed insights, including recipient requirements, supply chain capacities, order data, and real-time conditions like weather and road status, to enable smarter delivery planning.


Jakobsbergsgatan 13

111 74 Stockholm

Box 3902


Telefon: +46 8 124 56 100

E-post: info@peqab.se


Jakobsbergsgatan 13

111 74 Stockholm

Box 3902


Telefon: +46 8 124 56 100

E-post: info@peqab.se